COVID-19 Resources

We are embarking upon very uncertain times. Because there is no roadmap for this, no manual, and not much to compare to, it’s potentially extra easy to blindly fall into the undertow of collective panic. For that reason, taking care of ourselves is extra important. Some self-compassion goes a long way! This microsite of COVID-19 Family Mental Health Resources is meant to provide you with the tools you need to stay well.

For now, listen to and watch your body and emotional states. If you feel panic coming on, pause, take a breath, thank that part of yourself for trying to keep you safe, then come back. Panic is not going to help any of us. It will only escalate into something that at best we’re ashamed of and at worst, something truly ugly. Do your best to notice when you’re falling into the collective fear and pause. Find the stillness in your soul and reach out as you need.

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