Coping Strategies for Children

Below are a few child-friendly coping exercises. Pick, choose, and try different exercises to see what works best. I recommend the self-care plan because that will help to build an invaluable reservoir of calmness that your child can pull from when situations become challenging.


This is a great exercise to start kids thinking about how they can stay well. Self-care helps us to build a reservoir of “calm” to help us cope when times are tough. There is a link to a self-care plan in the parent section of this site as well. This can be done as a family. 


Mindfulness techniques give children tools for self-regulating, which in turn allows them to pause and reset when they are losing control.

1. Notice five things
2. Take 10 breaths
3. Drop anchor


From Green Child Magazine: Click on the button below and browse the topics to see which guided meditation will most benefit your child. Click the image of the script you’d like to download, view as a PDF, or save. you may need to sign up (free) to access them. If so, click here to do so.

Mind Yeti is a digital library of research-based, guided audio sessions that help support the well-being and social-emotional and academic development of young kids. As both kids and adults’ practice together with these sessions, they begin to build a mindfulness habit.

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