Interest Areas

Interest areas.


I am passionate about giving back and lending healing to the queer community. No two queer people’s experiences are alike but we often share similar challenges in a world that can sometimes feel (and be) hostile toward the way we most naturally love and express ourselves. 

Social Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly 7% of people living in America are experiencing social anxiety. That translates to 15 million adults. But what is it like for the individual? A strong inner critic and limiting beliefs can often eclipse our desires for true and authentic contact with other humans. Therapy can help individuals safely investigate fears while feeling supported in exploring and expanding upon their comfort zones. 


Adolescents experience such rapid change that it can be hard for parents to hard to keep up. This often tumultuous part of life can cause young people to isolate and withdraw from their parents/caregivers, self-harm, and make impulsive decisions that can perpetuate ruptures in the family. While honoring parental rules, and boundaries, therapy can provide adolescents a safe space to explore their feelings and ultimately improve relationships. 

Parents/Families of Kids w/ Special Needs

For the last few years I have worked closely with children with special needs, their parents, and siblings. I have found that parents/caregivers I’ve worked with often feel the burden of having to navigate bureaucracy to obtain services and fair treatment for their child. Further, day to day many caregivers have felt unfairly judged by others due to lack of understanding. My wish is to continue to work with parents of children with special needs and make a space to explore emotional impact and move out of stress and into advocacy.